Death Trip Vintage

Owl Longsleeve


From one of our favorite brands here at Death Trip, we bring you another beautiful shirt from The Mountain. This is a vintage 1999 blue tie-dye long sleeve t-shirt with owls printed on the front. The tie-dye covers the front and back of this shirt, but the real magic is up front. There are two white owls - one is looking ahead while the other is staring at the person who is checking out your shirt! They're sitting on a fallen tree in a night time landscape. The beautiful moon is overhead lighting up the sky. You're definitely going to catch everyone's eye at the party in this tee.

Not sure if this piece of clothing will look good on you? We offer personal styling and wardrobe curation. Book an appointment with us and one of our professional stylists will show you around our exclusive, private shop in Downtown San Diego.



The Mountain


100% Cotton



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