Death Trip Vintage

Hand-Painted JNCO Jeans


Vintage 90s hand-painted JNCO jeans. Left pant leg has 3 multi color Pluto heads in purple, yellow, and turquoise. There are flowers and bees painted on the left pocket, and small red and pink hearts painted on the right pocket. The right pant leg has a full body portrait of Jessica Rabbit from the iconic 80s film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”. These pants have a utility strap and small pocket in the back and in classic JNCO style, are super wide-legged.

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 JNCO Jeans


100% Cotton


34W x 30L


Waist 34", Length 38", Rise 14"


Please note that this item is vintage. Wear and tear representative of its age may be present. Anything major will be noted, but please look closely at the photos. Feel free to message our team for additional inquiry. Thank you!

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